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01. School Bus Scram... - 166432
02. Reach The Pitch - 26304
03. Heels and Wheels - 25473
04. Mega Bus - 24334
05. Bus Racer - 22259
06. London Bus - 20830
07. Sarkar Bus - 20656
08. American Bus - 19987
09. Sponge Bob Bus - 17684
10. Knights Bus - 16519
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Gus Vs Bus Gus Vs Bus
Gus is getting late for school . Help him to catch the bus by rapidly pressing the left and right arrow keys.
Heels and Wheels Heels and Wheels
Its time to get on your pink bus and pick up the ladies and the coins that you find on your way. Get to the finish as fast as you can.
Sarkar Bus Sarkar Bus
Sarkar Bus does not stop for the poor public so you have to run and get on the bus.
Sponge Bob Bus Sponge Bob Bus
Get to Atlantis before you run out of song. The songs will be your fuel.
Reach The Pitch Reach The Pitch
You have to race with the other buses to reach the pitch. Collect the power boost on the way to speed up and do not hit any obstacles as it will slow your bus.
Knights Bus Knights Bus
Get the opportunity to drive the purple Knights Bus that is used to pick up stranded wizards and witches in Harry Potter. Drop them at their destination.
American Bus American Bus
Do not crush over obstacles and do not hit any person. You gave to stop at the bus stops.
Bus Racer Bus Racer
This is a very addictive game. You are the driver of this game and you have to race to the finish . The time is short so get going.
Bridge Bomber Bus Bridge Bomber Bus
You are on the bomber bus. You have to shot as many people and tanks as you can . Shoot a max number of people before you death.
School Bus Scramble School Bus Scramble
Pick up kids and drop them to school. The bus can carry only three groups of kids and make sure that the bus reaches the school on time.
Yellow Bus Yellow Bus
You are the driver of this yellow bus. Do not lose any luggage and avoid obstacles that come to your path.
Mega Bus Mega Bus
Play against the computer and collect as many passengers as you can. You will lose points if you collide against any obstacles.
Symphonic Bus Tour Symphonic Bus Tour
Drive the bus safely to Budapest and collect as many instruments as you can along the way.
London Bus London Bus
Drive the famous London bus. Be the bus driver and get behind the wheels.

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01. London Bus - 5
02. Symphonic Bus To... - 5
03. Mega Bus - 5
04. Yellow Bus - 5
05. School Bus Scram... - 5
06. Bridge Bomber Bu... - 5
07. Bus Racer - 5
08. American Bus - 5
09. Knights Bus - 5
10. Reach The Pitch - 5
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